Joy Moulton’s StarRats simply and powerfully reminds us to “hear what goes far beyond the use of ear.’ The adventures of her brilliantly self-illustrated StarRats on the path of possibility remind us to reclaim the inherent qualities of innocence and awe that reside at the heart of our own awakening to life.”
—Stewart Cubley, The Painting Experience and founder of The Institute for Art & Living

StarRats: A Creation Story: Book 1

The StarRats books are a wondrous trilogy depicting a unique and inspiring re-telling of the ‘Origin Story’ from a mystical, source-filled, light-centered place. Using lyrical rhyming couplets, author, Joy Moulton, has woven an intricate, epic poem sweet enough for a 3-year-old and meaty enough for a 99-year-old. Joy taught herself the art of watercolor and has painstakingly created every piece of the original artwork

After a celestial mishap, when “star” reversed became “rats”, the StarRats tumbled to earth, to show us that our true nature is one of curiosity and kindness.

In Book 1, you will meet the celestial StarRats—Light and Dark— who choose the Path of Possibility instead of the straight and narrow way. They find their earthly journey challenges their innate joy and innocence as they grow.

With the assistance of a cast of earthly creatures, this lilting tale reminds each of us to honor our emotions and inner guidance: We are greater than the sum of our parts.